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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Kit testing

This weekend I'm going to be trying out one of my many kits to see just how it'd work if it was the one bag I grabbed as I ran out the door.

I think The Sanctuary is due for another visit so hiking in and hiking out is the order of the day.

The forecast calls for rain all weekend so shelter will be a priority once I get out there. I will not, however, repack any of the bags from here on out. That makes the test much more realistic.

(I hope I grab one with a decent shelter component.)

I will be wearing a Bark River Mikro Canadian with a Boy Scout Hotspark around my neck and a Victorinox SwissTool on my belt. Everything else will have to be as it is currently packed.

This will be a good shakeout for the gear I plan on using should I need to grab a bag in an emergency and hit the road.

Wish me luck,



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