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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

PSK Work

I'm working on a revised Personal Survival Kit (PSK) and have decided on the NRA Kit as my basis. This decision came about largely because I already had one.

The case measures 6.875" X 4.571" X 1.827 outside with inside dimensions (actual storage space) of 6" X 3.374" X 1.293". That's plenty of room for essential gear plus some extras that'll make your stay in the woods a bit more tolerable.

The kit has some obvious drawbacks but for $15.95 plus shipping it's a great place to start. The contents of the kit cover the basics of signalling and fire. This kit contains the following:
  1. Starflash Signal Mirror
  2. JetScream Whistle
  3. WetFire Tinder Cubes (2)
  4. BlastMatch Firestarting Tool
  5. Basic instructions

and everything is packed neatly inside what appears to be an Otterbox 2000 (probably a $15-20 value in itself.)

One of my biggest gripes about this kit, other than the foam they've glued into the interior, is the color. Like Henry Ford and his Model-T, the NRA decided you could get this kit in any colored box as long as it was black. I started to remedy that issue yesterday by opening up the box, emptying its contents, and giving the outside a couple of coats of yellow spray paint. I know Krylon makes one now that bonds with the plastic on some molecular level but I had yellow spray paint and that's what I used.

It appears that the paint bonded well enough with the box and it has cured overnight and is now ready for a little testing. The paint on the latches will rub off quickly I suspect and some of the high spots will probably get scratched but as long as there is more yellow on the box than black I'll be happy. You don't want to set down your PSK and lose it because the box is a dull color that could blend in with the surroundings.

Tomorrow we'll talk about how to mod the inside and improve the list of contents.

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