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Friday, August 25, 2006

Not all is well

Recently I've come to notice that technology and I are at odds.

Just this week, I've been dealing with a host of problems with various electronic components around the house. I have a laptop with a bad keyboard and system fan, a desktop with a bad video card, and an iPod that just flat out doesn't work any more.

Thanks to Spen I've got a new video card that I'll try this morning but the other problems won't be easily solved.

Sure, mankind did without these things for generations and I can certainly do without them for a short while but do they all have to turn on me at the same time?!

Life in the woods is so much simpler. A knife, a billy can, a tarp, and some cordage is really all you'll need to get by. Sure, you could bring some food and drink along to make things more comfortable. You could strap a hammock up between two trees and just lay back and relax. You could just sit back against a log and enjoy the sights and sounds nature offers.

Batteries Not Included (nor required.)

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