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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hot Breakfast

I've recently taken to preparing a hot breakfast for the kids and myself. I find the contents of a hot breakfast (i.e. eggs, potatoes, bacon, etc.) really sits well in my stomach and keeps me satisfied for quite some time.

Yesterday I had one egg over easy and one potato sliced thin and fried in a cast iron pan. To the potato I added some diced onion, a sliver of butter, and some parsley as I plated it. That hearty breakfast, plus a cup or two of coffee, kept me fueled up and going until late in the afternoon. That was a day outside with the kids so the activity level was quite high.

The potatoes really hit the spot. I'm still tweaking the preparation to get the crunchiest potatoes I can without overcooking them but the basis is sound.

So, as I already travel with a cast iron pan in my pack (a small one but cast iron is cast iron) I am going to have to more seriously consider throwing in a potato or two for my next overnight.


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