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Thursday, August 24, 2006

After the storm

A massive thunderstorm blew through here (is STILL blowing through here) sometime last night. At around 3am the big stuff came in with house-shaking thunder and blinding bursts of lightning.

My first thought? Did the knots hold overnight?

Yes, they did. Some of the gear left at the site didn't fare as well. There will be some cleanup this morning once the rain moves on but the tarp and hammock are relatively unscathed. That'd be good news if I were sleeping in the hammock last night.

The ends of the hammock have gotten soaked and I probably would have spent a mildly wet night out had I been in it. The tarp is a 6'x8' poly tarp from The Home Depot and even at its longest part is shorter than the total length of the hammock. The ends of the hammock get wet and the water wicks up into the nylon.

Even so, it'd have been a fun ride sleeping out in that storm...

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