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Monday, August 14, 2006

Another day...

I'm taking the kids to my parents' lake house for a couple of days. My niece will be there anxiously awaiting some hard core play time with her cousins.

There will be some swimming in the lake, a boat ride (maybe,) running around in the yard, maybe even a round or two of sporting clays for me.

I'll be taking the Bark River Golok with me for some additional beating. This is far and away my favorite long blade and I just read on Knifeforums that the last one has been assembled, sharpened, and shipped to the dealers. There'll be some more down the line but they won't be the same steel O170-6 and don't plan on seeing the next run in '07.

Other than hunter safety, I've been playing with lashing skills and have been working hard to understand the methods behind the skill. In the process of lashing my hand-carved walking stick to a tree I managed to snap it into three pieces. Time to go looking for a new stick...

I have this idea now that I can lash a hiking stick to a tree and hang my tarp on the stick. This is something I hope to play around with a bit more down at the lake and/or back here later this week.

These past few weeks have been crazy and I'm getting a little burned out on the day-to-day stuff. It doesn't get any easier this week with the drive to and from the lake followed shortly by a drive up to Escanaba, MI for the Bark River Grind-In.

Maybe it'll slow down a bit after that...

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