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Thursday, August 03, 2006


The Colorado trip really took the starch out of me.

I am going to bed earlier and sleeping later since returning. I'm still tired.

The heat and humidity may play some part in this but I suspect it has more to do with the pace we kept out West. It was only four days but they were some long days.

The altitude combined with my general lack of fitness may have played some part in this exhaustion too. I noticed it as soon as we stepped off the plane and that was only a 5,000 ft. gain in altitude. Thank goodness we weren't headed for the mountains at 10-12,000 feet.

I am packing a bag with gear that will be allowed as carry-on for the airlines. This is not the first time I've arrived at a destination missing some piece of gear I would normally carry because it wasn't allowed on the plane. It is something for which I can plan and adapt.

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