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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Boots

While in Denver I had the opportunity to visit the Filson store and try on a pair of these.

Wow, they were a bit snug out of the box but within 5 minutes of walking around the store they felt like an old worn-in pair of tennis shoes. They're quite a bit heavier than sneakers but they're built extremely well of thick leather with a Vibram lug sole and look to outlast me if taken care of.

These'll be my boots come hunting season so I tried them on with the thickest wool socks available at the Filson store and the fit was right on with what I was expecting (i.e. 10s fit like 10s.)

It was 94 degrees in Denver yesterday so putting on thick wool socks and tall leather boots was quite an adventure. Not quite as much an adventure as the day I tried on their wool jackets but an adventure nontheless.

Oh, they're also made right here in the USA.

So, if you're in Denver and you stop by the Filson store, ask for Nick Arnold. He helped me on two different trips and couldn't have been nicer or more accomodating.

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