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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Buckshot's got a new video

Buckshot has released a new video "Ultimate Survival Trapping Tips" full of information for use when desperate measures may make the life or death difference.

From the five-gallon mousetrap and the picnic table trap to the raccoon's affection for bobcat setups Buckshot covers a ton of valuable information gleaned from 30 years of running a trapline.

The nearly 2-hour DVD covers trapping and snaring from the perspective of the homesteader and the woodsman/hunter lost and starving. The premise behind the video, and something Buckshot mentions often, is that the material contained can be illegal outside of a survival situation and should be for informational purposes only. However, armed with the knowledge contained in the video (and a few snares and conibears,) I suspect I could eat well while waiting for rescue.

I watched the DVD with my kids (5 and 3) and we all laughed out loud when the "8 pound crescent hammer" set off the picnic table trap. If I had a 55-gallon drum we'd have put one together last night just to set it off again. Instead we put together one of Buckshot's 5-gallon mousetraps.

I'm a long time user of the Victor snap traps for mice but the crawlspace under my house is like the wild west with little or no human intervention and that's where my mice are coming from/going. The new trap went into the crawlspace last night and I'll be headed down to check on it sometime later this morning.

The audio and video quality of the DVD are comparable to Buckshot's other videos. You won't mistake them for some high-dollar network TV production but that, in my opinion, is part of the charm of the videos. The value of the information contained in the video so far outweighs any shortfalls in production quality that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this or any of the other Buckshot videos.

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