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Monday, July 24, 2006

A Day in the Woods

I spent some time in the woods yesterday with Dan, Jeremy, and Emma scouting stand locations. This was our second trip and we headed into some thick scrub looking at some of the most remote points on the map.

Somehow I invariably walk through a spider web each trip and this one was no exception. Actually, it is often more than one web I manage to find with my face.

Last summer the spiders were thick everywhere we went. This year doesn't seem quite as bad. That opinion may be influenced by the fact that I've gotten out less this summer than last.

Yesterday I had just finished pointing out a large complex web to the kids when I took a drink, turned around, and walked right through the web I had just been showing. For the next 10 minutes I walked around the woods pulling web off my hat, sunglasses, shirt, canteen, etc. Yes, it WAS as funny as it sounds.

The best way to avoid walking through webs? Carry a walking stick and keep it in front of you as you pass through low-hanging branches and between saplings. Those seem to be places the spiders really like.

Despite the spiders I still managed to have a good time. We found several blind markers and followed some heavily travelled deer paths. All in all a fun and productive day.

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