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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Day After

The day following a trip is always a tough one. Yesterday was no exception.

Not only do I have to contend with laundry and all the things neglected while I was gone, but the kids have adapted quickly to their new schedule and are having a hard time adapting back. The time change has allowed us all to sleep in but at the cost of an earlier bedtime.

We all stayed up too late, did far too much maintenance stuff, and stayed out of the heat and the sun for a day. Four days in Denver spent mostly outdoors normally becomes an issue of keeping warm but this trip was all about preventing sunburn and dehydration. Some stores were handing out bottled water to customers and passers-by.

Normally the day after a trip is the best time, if not immediately upon arrival, to clean any dirty, wet, or used gear before mildew or corrosion set in. Fortunately (I guess) I didn't have a wet tent to dry, clean, and re-seal this time.

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