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Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Every Day Carry (EDC)

Sunday I had this knife with me and used it to carve a flat into my hiking stick (the broom handle--as it's been called) and a notch at the mid-point in case I choose to use the stick when pitching a shelter.

The knife is a Bark River Knife & Tool (link at right) OMF with a "modified" tip. the tip while carving in the woods one day. It used to be a wharncliffe with a nice pointy tip but using that pointy tip to pry a piece of well-seasoned (read hard and dry) wood was a mistake. That pointy tip is still in that piece of wood somewhere.

I had to come home with my broken knife and hit it on the belt sander a few times to get the sheepsfoot blade you see now. Then I used a Scotchbrite belt to blend in the grind lines and used the heck out of the blade to get the patina you see.

I LOVE user knives.

To carry on with the firesteel theme the week seems to be taking, this knife throws wicked big sparks when using the spine up near the curve.

I have heard rumors that a larger version of this knife is coming out. I wonder how it'll look as a sheepsfoot...

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