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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Swedish Army Trangia

Here's a great page on the basic use of a Swedish Army Trangia.

I have used a number of stoves and keep coming back to the Swedish Army Trangia as the one that offers the greatest degree of flexibility combined with ease of use. Add to that the fact that all necessary components (burner, fuel bottle, pans, and wind screen) fit into a single unit. When they can be had online they are also unusually cheap.

I once saw them on an Army Surplus site at 3/$10. I should have snagged a few more just to give to friends. Of course all my friends already have Swedish Army Trangias. I suspect most have more (MANY more) than I.

The pans are Aluminum on all the 5-piece sets I've seen but stainless steel pans CAN be found on the Internet (again for little money.) I picked up a set that was heavily used but still in decent condition for about $4. The pans both needed some time with a Scotchbrite pad but are now ready for work.

The larger pan has a bail and a hook on it. This can be used to pick up the pan or, when used with a hooked stick, to suspend the pot over the fire. The smaller pan can also be used with a campfire but it is advised to use a stick inserted into the handle to prevent burns as the whole thing will effectively transfer heat from the pot straight into your hand if you choose to pick it up by the metal.

I have never used the Trangia for cooking over a campfire but with my new-found firemaking skills I suspect that will soon change.

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