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Thursday, March 06, 2008

New Links

I got an email last night from Phil Thornton of Survival Review. Phil has started up a new website dedicated to one of my favorite subjects, gear reviews.

Here's a quote from his "About" page:
Welcome to survival review. We hope to become your online destination for unbiased reviews on outdoor and survival gear. We put all of the products we review through the POT (”Painfully Obsessive Testing”) procedure to insure that the info you are getting is legit. We will not provide “paid reviews” from vendors or manufacturers. We will strive to have the best photos and videos supporting the evidence we put out there. Hopefully we can build an aware community of survival and outdoor gear lovers. As always if you ever have a product you’ve been thinking about investing in or knowing more about shoot us an email and let us know what it is. We will do our best to put it through the POT. Happy Reading!

I have also seen several comments from Ron over at Survival Topics and have enjoyed spending some time digging through the articles at his site. Ron has covered a wide breadth of survival-related topics and also welcomes reader submissions. I suspect if you're looking for it you may well find an article on it at Survival Topics.

From Ron's "About" page:
The survival techniques and ideas on these pages provide real world examples of how to survive in a wide variety of situations and environments. Chock full of tips, tricks, and methods, Survival Topics provides anyone from novice to expert with valuable survival information that they can put to good use

And, lastly, Dave Canterbury's site Wilderness Outfitters Archery has tons of great stuff on it. He's not only given us the article on what to pack but also the videos on the Versa Shelter and many, many more videos on YouTube. He runs an Outfitter's Store online too.

Here's a quote from Dave regarding the gear he sells on his site:
As an Ex Army Ranger,Survival Instructor,and Extreme Hunter I expect alot from my gear. It is for that reason that the gear advertised for sale on this site has all been tested by myself and my son in a variety of extreme conditions. When your life depends on what little you carry-Buy from Wilderness Outfitters. We appreciate your business.

Dave also appears to be a primitive archer--something I'm going to try to explore more fully this year. I expect I'll be bugging Dave for some more assistance in the near future. :)

I've added all three of these sites to my links section. Give them a look. I think you'll find them to be both entertaining and informative. I hope you find them as useful as I do.

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Thank you for the little write-up, B. And keep posting, we enjoy your blog.



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