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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Koster Knives Nessmuk

This one came in yesterday from Dan Koster of Koster Knives. It's 1/8" thick 1095 with green canvas micarta scales.

It's 9.5" OAL, the blade is 5 3/8" from the tip to the front of the scales, I mic'd it at .123" right in front of the scales, and the handles are .619" at the widest point. The knife weighs 7.4 oz. (209 grams.)

The blade is scandi ground and, at the time of purchase, was available in scandi, scandi/vex, and full convex. They are also available in 3V, S30V, and other steels in thicknesses from 3/32" up to 1/4".

I used it last night to prep for dinner and it did an admirable job. The only other Nessmuk blade I've owned was made by Bark River Knife & Tool and I didn't own it long enough to use it so getting used to the blade/handle configuration takes a few minutes.

I'll have to get this one down to JRE Industries for a sheath. Until then, however, this one will see plenty of kitchen duty.

This is my second Koster knife since Saturday and he's got a few more orders from me already. He'd be catching up with Matt of ML Knives if I didn't have another several knives on order with him as well.

I really am glad to have found two makers who offer such a wide array of blade styles, sizes, and finishes who can complement each other so well. It's just that I'm going to go bankrupt getting my hands on as many Koster and ML blades as I can...

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