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Monday, March 03, 2008

What a Change

With temperatures in the mid-50s yesterday we're possibly seeing the end of a very snowy, very cold winter. Today's rain is finishing off what little snow remained.

Our snow shelter/igloo is long gone and the green grass is poking out of the once foot-deep snow.

Is this the end of winter? I doubt it.

It seems like every year we get a warm-up like this, people think winter is over, and then we get hit with another brutally cold and/or snowy spell. Mother Nature is like that.

We actually pulled out the grill yesterday and did some outdoor cooking. Of course I'd be tempted to grill in a snowstorm if I could get the grill up to temperature...

If this is the end of winter we should start to see more animal activity and I'll have a better idea of just what we've got living in the woods behind the house.

Either way there are plenty of adventures ahead.

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At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Survival Topics said...

And thank you for posting - yes, there are always plenty of great adventures ahead!


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