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Friday, February 29, 2008

Koster Knives Bushcraft

Here's my second knife from Dan Koster at Koster Knives in the last handful of days. This one is the Bushcraft Knife and was designed and brought to life on Dan's forum at

This one is O1 with natural canvas micarta scales and black liners. It weighs 6.1 oz. (172 grams). The blade is .158" thick right in front of the scales with a 4 3/8" handle and measuring right at 4" from the front of the handle scales to the tip. The handles swell in the middle to .754" at the thickest part. The knife is scandi ground with a forge finish on the flats.

The sheath is JRE Industries' new Mahogany leather in their bushcraft design. I asked for one without the firesteel loop just for something different and I've set this one up for neck carry. I've also added a whistle, Light My Fire Army firesteel, and viking whetstone to the neck cord. I added a 3.5" section of cobra stitch at the back/top of the cord to spread the weight of the knife, sheath, and tools a little more over my neck. Another option would be to use some tubular webbing with eyelets--I'll be trying this in the next couple of days with another knife/sheath.

I haven't had much opportunity to use this one yet but it looks like a real winner. The kids are off from school today and Monday so maybe we'll get a chance to get out into the woods for a bit today, over the weekend, or on Monday (hoping for all of the above...)

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At 9:56 AM, Blogger Mungo said...

I like that - I hadn't thought to loop the paracord through the hole in my ferro rod. Hmm. Genius! :-)



At 10:00 AM, Blogger American Bushman said...

Hey Mungo! Thanks for stopping by.

The rig works well set up like this but I'm finding myself with a stiff neck by bedtime if I wear it all day.

I think going from having nothing around my neck to a rig with a knife, sheath, sharpening stone, firesteel, and whistle might have been too big a change.

I think eventually I'll get used to it though.

I've tried to pick up some webbing to try and disperse the weight a bit more but have been to the outdoor gear store two or three times and manage to get there 30 minutes before they open each time...



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