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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Camera's Bad Off

I was working with the kids on the igloo again yesterday and managed to drop the camera into the snow.

It stopped working immediately.

I popped the batteries and memory card and am letting it dry thoroughly before trying it again.

It's too bad because I've got some good stuff to show you. Give me a day to get the thing to come back to life and I'll show you my newest knife and the amazing sheath from the boys at JRE Industries.

I've talked about their newest leather color and now I've got some of it (two sheaths worth actually.)

I've got it wrapped around my new Koster Bushcraft and my Greg Haugh Fallkniven A1.

Hah, it hadn't occurred to me that I went down to drop off Girl Scout cookies and left with two knives and two new sheaths...that was a darned good trip. :)

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At 5:55 PM, Anonymous Survival Topics said...

Very much interested in your igloo exploits.

Perhaps you can dry the camera out next to a source of heat - might be bad to turn it on until it is dry?


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