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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big Chris S90V Kephart

I got a knife yesterday from knifemaker Chris Berry of Louisville, KY.

It's a Kephart pattern done up in S90V--a traditional pattern with space age materials. This is, in my opinion, an interesting idea and one that he's done before, (I've seen a Nessmuk in 3V that he did up,) and I think he should probably do again.

I will admit to being more unfamiliar with S90V than I'd like but I do know it's made by Crucible Steel, has 9% Vanadium, and is supposed to be very wear- and corrosion-resistant.

.156" thick S90V
60 RC
4.5" blade
9" OAL
OD Green G10 handles over yellow liners
Stainless Pins and lanyard tube

This isn't, however, a post about S90V. It's about the knife (see those yellow liners?)

The Kephart is a pattern that I like because it's so darned useful, the handle is nice and comfy in the hand in a variety of grips, and it balances well. This one by Big Chris is no exception. It'll handle hunting duty, bushcrafting, kitchen work, and more without missing a hitch.

Fit and finish on this one is really good and there are no high or low spots that I can see or feel. It've very comfortable in the hand as I would expect a Kephart to be and the blade is squared where I want it squared and rounded where I want it rounded. Clearly, Big Chris and I are on the same page when it comes to this design.

Now I got this late yesterday so it didn't get put to work (plus I wanted to get some pictures BEFORE I started to get it dirty) but now it's going to have to earn a place on my belt and in my hand. The good news is there is PLENTY of knife work that needs to be done from processing a 12-pound pork belly to opening boxes to the mundane tasks of picking splinters, trimming nails, and opening envelopes.

The best part of the whole package? I think it could well be the fact that it was less than $200 to my door.

High end CPM steel, G10 handles, a hand-stitched leather sheath, and a timeless traditional design...I like it.

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