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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Meat from the Fatman

Staying on the subject of food, I received a package from Fatman's Beef Jerky yesterday. He uses 100% American beef in his jerky and offers 13 flavors from Lemon Pepper and Original all the way up to Smoky Chipotle and Habanero.

Being in the market for a steady supply of good beef jerky, I grabbed the "Try Them All" variety pack so I could get a taste of every flavor and what I received was 13 one-ounce bags of beefy goodness. I also snagged a bag of the Sweet & Spicy nuggets that barely made it out of the box.

Included Flavors:
Red Chile
Green Chile
Jalapeno Lime
Lemon Pepper
Salt & Pepper
Cowboy Style
Smoky Chiptole
Sweet & Spicy

I was actually emailing the Fatman while I was munching down the entire bag of nuggets and he was very responsive . He mentioned on the invoice that the nuggets were not shelf-stable as the jerky was and they should be refrigerated or consumed within 3 days. I assured him that wouldn't be a problem as they were nearly gone. LOL!

Today we'll dig into the jerky and I'll be eating with the kids so we can pick our favorite flavors for a future order.

I'm interested to see if I can line them up from mildest/sweetest to spiciest.

I'll let you know once we've had 'em all!

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