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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Diamond Spray

I picked up some diamond spray from Graves Lapidary Supply a while back and have been using it for various sharpening/polishing projects around the house with some degree of success.

The grit selection was fantastic with everything from 600 up to 200,000 and many steps in between. I picked 600, 1200, 50K, 100K, and 200K as a sampling.

To use, you shake, shake, shake the bottle and then pump the sprayer while aiming at the surface you want to impregnate with diamonds. A few pumps is all you need.

I use the 600 sprayed on cardboard for a rough and ready strop and the 100K is what I've sprayed on a leather strop for my straight razor. My 1200 jams up on me so it's loaded on a piece of balsa and little else. The others are not being used as much but for what they cost will still find some use around here.

You can hear the 600 cutting and I can tell the 100K is working on polishing the edge because I'm shaving with that razor every day.

I've heard super fine diamonds loaded on leather sit too low to do any good but that's not been my experience so far.

The possibilities for using these diamonds seems as limitless as your imagination. Spray some on newspaper and use it like sandpaper for polishing. Instead of using sandpaper on a mouse pad, just spray the mouse pad.

One word of caution: Do NOT inhale the vapor as you're spraying the diamond suspension. Those superfine abrasives would mess you up if you got them in your lungs or even just in your nasal passages.

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At 11:43 AM, Blogger sam_acw said...

looks like a great idea, especially for stropping and convex blades.
How long will a pot of spray last for?


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