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Thursday, April 21, 2011

In Training

It's been a while since the last know that right? :)

The kids and I have decided to run in the local 4th of July 5K this year and we started training last night.

Instead of starting with short runs and working our way up, we've decided to start with 3.1 mile hikes that will get faster and faster in pace.

Last night was the first of those hikes.

We headed out right after dinner and walked through the woods on the way out and down the streets on the way back. It was still pretty muddy (we're under a flood warning again) and we were out in prime critter movin' time at dusk but the kids were arguing enough to keep even the boldest of coyotes away.

Spring hasn't quite convinced itself that it's time to arrive yet so we're still seeing temperatures in the 40s during the day and the 30s at night. This made for a nice cool walk without the sweatiness we'll experience later on.

A winter of being stuck inside has led us all to massively decreased fitness and the kids came home and plopped down right on the floor and lay there until it was time for bed. Being the first hike, the soreness of repeated efforts hasn't set in yet but the real test of discipline will come in a few days when they're tired and sore--same goes for me.

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