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Monday, June 13, 2011

Technical Difficulties

I've been working behind the scenes to bring you some additional functionality here and, in the process, have managed to create some real headaches for myself.

One thing that happened recently seems to have no effect on past posts but it sure has hosed me up...

I tried to update my Gallery software and, in the process, crashed the old version. The images are still there and are still showing up but the interface I use to upload, download, and modify is gone. Now I'm dancing around trying to figure out if I can revert settings behind the scenes to get the old version back online or if it's easier to grab my data from the old gallery and upload it to the newer version.

Not one to just leave well enough alone, I've seen hurdles before but time's a commodity I don't have in excess these days and spending the day chasing an ornery 2 year old and trying to track down problems with the site leave me wishing I hadn't given up caffeine. LOL!

So, no pictures until I get this sorted out but know that I'm not gone all together.

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At 3:30 PM, Anonymous ATVCamper said...

Been There-Done That! I hate trying to enhance my site with what is suppose to be a simple change and screwing everything up. Then it takes me a couple of days to get everything back to normal.


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