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Friday, December 03, 2010

Gearing Them Up

I have always gotten "real" gear for the kids and we get sizes that'll last two years so the expense hurts a little less.

Well, it's that every other year again...

I find it strange that manufacturers make stuff for kids but some stores, both online and brick and mortar, just don't seem to carry it.

Last year was the soft shells and fleece for both kids. This year it's snow pants, long johns, and socks.

The great thing about outfitting the kids is how brutal they are on anything you put on them. We have found "waterproof" gloves that weren't. The kids have learned the value of layering and wicking materials--means more time in the snow before getting too cold.

It's the time in the field that really helps you to dial in what you want and what you need and that helps you to really focus on the bits of kit you select and spend your hard-earned money for. I found it with "52 Weeks" and the kids have found it during our hikes and during time spent "playing" outside during rain, heat, snow, and wind.

The first real snowfall of the year is in the forecast today so we'll see how much of last year's snow gear still fits and/or works by the time the sun goes down.

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At 9:39 PM, Blogger Michael Sparks said...

I remember as a kid suffering with a lot of cold weather gear that didn't work. Cotton Long Johns were the worst. I would love to go back as a kid with some good cold weather gear.


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