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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Jake's Ready For Adventure

I had written a rant against the Boy Scouts of America today but think I'll sit on it for a while and cool off. Instead, let's look at something a little more positive.

Jake has been my adventure buddy for three or four years already and he's only 7. If I throw some candy in my pack he's game to go pretty much anywhere.

He's got his normal load pretty well dialed in already and knows his pre-hike routine well. (It's funny that he is still working out the kinks on getting ready for school--something he does five days a week.)

In his pack, he has a fresh bladder of water, his kid PSK I put together, snacks, gloves, and that orange hat. He has his own cool orange hat but he chooses to wear the one I used when deer hunting.

Then there is his knife. Since he doesn't wear anything but sweatpants, he doesn't normally have pockets. He doesn't like carrying a knife around his neck either. That means he has a lanyard wrapped around the sheath and then he stuffs the whole thing in his pack. It's got a Fox 40 Micro and BSA Hotspark on the lanyard so he's got signaling and fire.

Today his bracelet from Joben should be in the mail and he's so excited to start wearing it. He asked me five minutes after we put in the order if it was coming that day and then again yesterday and this morning. That'll provide him with an additional source of cordage should he need it.

This may not be the most flattering picture of him but I think it does capture a moment from a hike that we'll remember for a while. :)

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At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Steven Jarvis said...

My son's the same way: has his hiking gear rigged and ready, but forgets some of his school kit every day.

Looking forward to reading your BSA rant, even the cooled off version.

At 6:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a Scoutmaster myself, I'm interested in your rant as well. I'm sure we share the same frustrations about the organization but I keep trying to make a difference, even if that means only having one decent Scout in ten. Apparently all kids are the same worldwide-if they're interested they're dialed in. If not, its haphazard. That's true for adults too. Thanks, Jeff aka Bushpuukko


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