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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Maintenance and Tuning

Have you ever really thought about how much time we put into our gear to really dial it in?

I'm sitting here this morning stropping the edge on my Mora 510 and taking a look at the squared spine and I think about the hours and hours I've spent maintaining and fine-tuning the knife to suit my uses.

Out of the box, the 510 was an inexpensive knife capable of a great deal of work. It came sharp, would hold an edge for a long time, had a serviceable sheath, and a comfortable handle.

With a little bit of work, the knife can really become a high-performance tool. Flatten the bevels and make it a true Scandi grind (no micro-bevel,) square up the spine, and then use the heck out of it to give it a nice patina and you'll be cutting with it for a long time with little further maintenance.

If, however, you're like me, you can't help but continually mess with the knife. I like to work the edge back and forth on the strop to really bring out the polish. It's part of my morning routine and goes really well with a hot cup of coffee.

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At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

did any of your family ever visit the south? lol because i swear were brothers ,,,my wife laughs when we read your post because you and i have so much in common,im a stay at home dad with 4 kids ,i love the outdoors and there is ALWAYS a knife in my hand,,thats how i pass the time waiting in the car line at school with a knife and a diamond stone,,take care my friend,,Chris from al.

At 8:11 AM, Blogger KintlaLake said...

AB, that's just spooky -- I surfed over here this morning to see that I was a day behind you.

Yesterday I spent a half-hour "tuning" my 640, squaring the spine and stropping the edge. I also sanded and micro-torched the area where I'd removed most of the guard.

You're right, it's a task that goes well with coffee. Football, too. ;)


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