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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Laura's Izula

Laura has been getting a lot of use out of her pink Izula lately. It's been hers for more than a year but has never seen much attention despite the fact she earned her Whittlin' Chip just like her brother. The opportunity has been there but the desire has been missing.

Now she seems to have turned the corner. She comes home from school and asks what needs cutting around the house and wants to know when we're next headed into the woods.

She practiced making cuts on various sticks she'd find on the ground this weekend and even went so far as to baton her Izula with her walking stick to get nice clean cut ends.

We've talked about the various grips and their uses but she's still in the early phase of being able to handle a knife. With some more work I think she'll be ready for some easy carving.

Plus, now that she's finally using the Izula, we can talk about how to maintain the edge and keep it nice and sharp.

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