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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kuksa, Noggin, Canoe Cup

Today we're headed to the local Woodcraft store to see if they've got a good block of material for carving a cup.

They're called kuksa, noggins, and canoe cups (among other things) and I'd really like one but don't really want to pay big money to get one when I am confident that I can make one that suits me so long as there is suitable material.

I might just make a matching spoon while I'm at it.

I'll be detailing the process from drawing out my idea on the block, rough shaping, carving in the bowl, finishing, and as many steps in between as I can capture.

I need to get my supplies in order today so I can get this started ASAP in order to have something to show off at the next campout.

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At 6:27 AM, Anonymous Joezilla said...

I made one of those using Scandinavian bass wood. In retrospect, I wish I took more time on the handle portion rather than focusing on making sure I could fit two shots in the cup rather than one


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