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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Getting Sentimental

Remember the simpler times? You know, back when I was writing every day...


The activities have continued to ramp up and my involvement with the kids' stuff continues to grow and my time is getting harder and harder to find.

We just completed a trip to DC, I've got a campout with Laura this weekend, and I've got a campout meeting with the Cub Scouts tonight.

I was discussing this with Dan and Spen of JRE Industries a few weeks ago and the discussion turned to what got us together in the first place and, other than similar hobbies, the common thread was Bark River knives. Many of you know that I've divested myself of most of my Bark River stuff in the quest for that next "best" piece of gear.

Dan and Spen, however, have been building up quite a collection and they're getting ready to move on as well. (This is the curse of the knife collector and user...)

Check here:

They're building the page while I'm typing this so expect some updates.

Here's the kicker, they're offering these knives at better prices than they used to be when I considered them such an excellent value. The steel, heat treat, and geometry are still the same, the fit and finish is still the same, and the warranty is still the same. The only difference is the lower prices.

Heck, I'm seeing pieces I've never seen before like that coffin-handled Kephart and the full custom Jim Stewart piece.

Go pretend for a minute that it's 2006 instead of most of the way through 2010 and check out what they've got available. You may find something new in your never-ending quest for the "best" piece of steel. :)

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At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its called being an involved, responsible parent. Well done. Squeeze in what you can where you can and keep moving forward. I for one will keep checking back regularly. Take care, Jeff aka Bushpuukko


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