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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ray Mears DVDs

I'm in the process of converting ALL of my Ray Mears DVDs and it's a long process.

I bought the DVDs from the Woodlore store several months ago and have watched them all repeatedly on my computer because the PAL format doesn't play in my NTSC player. Then, one day, I had a brilliant idea to convert the discs from PAL to NTSC using software on the computer so I could play them on the television.

This process is painful. I have a high-powered Mac and it still takes maybe eight hours to rip a DVD. Then I have to play around with the files to get them transferred to iDVD and create a menu so that I can select the show I want and that takes time. Then the program runs and does whatever it does to analyze the files and convert them to a recordable format.

As an example, I converted and burned Bushcraft Season 1 but it took me two days per disc (a total of four days for the first season.)

It was a painful process but watching Ray on the big television has been fantastic. Now the kids can sit on the couch with me and we can talk about what he's doing and why he's doing it. Jake can point out the bits of kit Ray is using and how they're just like what daddy uses.

It turns out that Ray shows many more skills in Extreme Survival though so that's next on the agenda...

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