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Friday, November 06, 2009

Flu Updates

Thanks to all of you who have contacted me with your positive thoughts and helpful comments.

As of today, Sarah is about 95% (still a bit of a runny nose,) and Jake seems to be over the flu all together. I, on the other hand, am quickly moving down the road to H1N1 apparently. I have the cough and the post nasal drip that are common symptoms.

I've had a nice long talk with my doctor and he's not treating any but the highest risk patients (asthmatics, babies, pregnant women, and folks with immunodeficiency) and the rest of us will just have to suffer through the symptoms. That's precisely what I expected and what I'm prepared to do.

One thing I found very interesting in my discussion was the fact that a positive test for the flu IS currently a positive test for H1N1 because, apparently, it is the only strain currently going around.

I'll continue to push fluids, hit the Vitamin C, garlic, and echinacea, and try to get some rest. The hand washing is something I have always felt I did well (you wash your hands for a full 20 seconds right?) but clearly I'm still falling short somewhere...

Anyway, just thought some of you would be interested enough to write about it. :)

Thanks for reading,



At 5:18 PM, Blogger Anders said...

Hi Brian,
I think you are doing the right thing, fluids, vitamins and rest.
Hope you get well soon!
I´m glad you like, and promote, swedish gear but when it comes to bowies I´m afraid we cant help you...
I belive you are much better on bowies on your side of the puddle.

Best regards
Anders from Sweden

At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Brian
Sambucol, a black elderberry extract, appears to short-circuit flu symptoms, a s
A black elderberry extract, appears to short-circuit flu and cold symptoms. There is more evidence that this herbal treatment -- if taken when flu-like symptoms first appear -- could help people get through the flu and colds a bit easier. A small study published five years ago showed that 93% of flu patients given Sambucol were completely symptom-free within two days; those taking a placebo recovered in about six days. This study shows that, indeed, it works for type A flu, reports lead researcher Erling Thom, with the University of Oslo in Norway.

Hope this helps. God Bless and Get well Soon. Chuck


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