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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Knife Maintenance

Another day of the same old routine...

At least I've been able to spend some time sharpening. I took care of every blade in the kitchen and then moved on to my well-used Fallkniven F1 which I spent some time polishing last week.

The polishing took just enough of the edge off to prevent it from cutting well so I knew it was time to finish the job and bring it back to screaming sharp.

First, I made a few passes on a ScotchBrite belt on the belt sander to evenly satin my hand-polished job making sure to let the blade stay cool. Then I made two passes in each direction on my JRE field strop and the knife was literally popping hairs from my arm. (Have I mentioned how much I like the black compound they load on their strops?) Wow! It's better than new...

My 3G F1 still sits, waiting. I know it needs some testing but the laminated VG-10 blade has done so much and done it well. I know how to sharpen it quickly and effectively. It has handled every task I've set it to.

Over the weekend I carried one of my custom F1s but it's also laminated VG-10...

If it ain't broke...

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