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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Running an Experiment (Survival Kits)

I was playing around with some basic survival kit items last night and got out the FoodSaver vacuum sealer and sealed up a kit. It includes water purification, signaling and navigation, firestarting, a fishing kit, a knife and sharpener, and more. It's also small enough to drop into a cargo pocket.

Being vacuumed, the kit doesn't rattle around at all and the bags are clear which makes it easy to see everything inside.

My concern with vacuum sealing my kits has always been the toughness of the bags. If my knife is sealed inside how am I going to get to my kit should I need it? You can't tear it open with your hands.

I'm going to put together a kit, get out the video camera, and go out and try to get into it and use the items inside without using anything I've brought along.

I think I can abrade the package enough to get inside but won't know for sure until I try.

They make some sort of sliding coupon cutter with a covered blade that might make a handy addition to the kit. I like to leave a long "tail" on my vacuum bags so I can cut them open, do whatever I need to do with the contents inside, and then reseal the bag. I could drop an eyelet in the "tail" and then attach one of these cutters for very little extra weight. I'll just need to see if I can find the cutter that I remember.

Look for more on this project here in the next couple of days...

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At 10:27 AM, Blogger Wildcat said...

good idea.

to get into the kit find a broken stick to stick through the bag or a reasonable pointy rock should cut the bag enough to start a tear. around hear there is always a beer bottle to be found in a short time. smash and cut. cans are everywhere too. tear a can and slice the kit open.

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SPEC-OPS brand makes at least 2 size "pocket organizers" cargo pocket and a smaller one. when I bought mine it came with 3 fancy water proof zip lock bags. they also have belt loops and Alice clip attachment. and cold be easily modified to attach a sheath knife to the pouch.
vacuum sealed? I'd bite it and tear but, once it is ripped how long will it last in your pocket? a nylon pouch can be opend and closed, dummy corded to a button hole, ect... and never lost.
- an Army guy

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just my 2 cents... have you thought about throwing in a small desiccant package. Similar to the ones you find in shoe boxes. They're compact and light weight.

At 2:53 PM, Blogger J. J. Magnum said...

So this means you aren't carrying your SAK in your pocket? What's up with that? The knife in your kit should be a back-up knife not your primary. Just kiddin'...

Good idea. I wouldn't leave the tail real long though, because once you have access to it, the bag itself can be used for water collection. For access get one of those "sharpenable dog tags" to wear around your neck:

Just an idea...

At 9:28 PM, Blogger Anders said...

Very interesting!
I think its a good idea to leave a long tail. You could put a couple of good quality paperclips in your kit to "reseal" the bag in the field. It wont be great but if the tail is long you could fold it a couple of times and it should be ok.


At 1:25 PM, Blogger Oasis of the Toucans said...

I'll reply later. I have to go lock the keys to my gunsafe inside my gunsafe so nobody steals them.

At 6:21 PM, Blogger deanS said...

Look to consumer packaging for inspiration often there are notches or a cut to start the opening process. ie MRE packages or beef jerky pouches

At 6:41 PM, Blogger American Bushman said...

The kits have progressed nicely. I've got two of the same kit put together for the kids using the vacuum bags with bits of kit they're capable of using and my kit is a bit more filled out.

I've thought about carrying the Res-Q-Me tool on my keychain not just for the intended purpose but it'll be just the thing for opening that vacuum bag.

As the the comments about sealing up my knife, you're thinking about this the wrong way. This kit is the last ditch setup that you've got in your pocket. If I was somehow separated from the rest of my gear and still had the kit, I'd have a real shot at surviving with the components inside the kit.

Sure, I could open it with my pocket knife or belt knife but the experiment will simulate the last ditch type of scenario. That's why I've got to make sure the bags can be opened without a knife and still maintain the bag's integrity for use as a water container.

Thanks for all your comments,


At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read an idea on another blog that might help. How about a ziplock bag that is immersed in water (save the top open end), and let water pressure push out as much as possible before zipping it shut?


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