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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sandal Feet

I've worn shoes exactly three times this summer and I noticed yesterday that my feet have changed physically.

My big toe has gotten wider. My feet look wider. There's the crazy Teva tan-lines because I've worn just one pair of sandals all summer (when I wasn't going barefoot.)

If you've ever watched a show about aboriginal people you may notice that their feet are flatter and more squat than those of people who wear shoes all the time. That's now more what mine look like.

Being a hard-core boot wearer I noticed a lack of ankle strength and support early this summer and now I feel like my ankles have gotten stronger. I no longer have the grinding feeling or the crunching sound coming from my ankles when I make a lateral movement. (Yeah, sneaking in the woods could be fairly tough with noisy ankles.) :)

While my feet and ankles may be physically tougher I must admit they're probably not as good looking as they once were. I don't have any "before" pictures as I never would have considered this a possibility and, therefore, an "after" picture wouldn't mean much.

I seem to stand, walk, and run differently now than I did at the beginning of the summer and feel that my feet and ankles are stronger than they were before.

Strange? Perhaps. Am I just imagining the "improvement"? Maybe.

Keeping the stronger ankles and feet is going to be a challenge once the weather turns but, for now, I'm going to just go with it. :)

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