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Friday, July 25, 2008


What can the clouds tell us about impending weather?

I was sitting outside last evening watching the grill and began to wonder what the clouds could tell me about the next day's weather.

In the winter, a clear night portends cooler temperatures as the clouds can reflect the Earth's heat back down but clear skies allow the heat to escape into space.

There must be some science that has developed from simply watching cloud formations to determine what Mother Nature has in store for us in the near term and I intend to do some research in the next couple of days to dig up whatever I can about this.

Knowing a short-term weather forecast can be very helpful for a camper/hiker who is out but I also understand that the weather is just something to endure when you're far enough away from "civilization" to escape it.

Look for more on this subject in the coming days as I (hopefully) begin to better understand how the clouds in the evening can tell me how the following day is going to look.

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Oh, one more thing, I took three large boxes of knives, shelter, cooksets, and bottles down to JRE Industries for the big gear sale and that stuff should be going up in the next day or so. There's still more to come as I convince myself that I no longer need the things remaining. Simplifying is more painful than it sounds. :)


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