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Monday, June 16, 2008

Out More Than In

It's been a hectic summer vacation so far and we've found ourselves out much, much more than we've been in.

We've had severe weather in the form of massive thunderstorms and tornadoes.

The bugs are just out of control.

We've been to the pool, to the park, out in the tipi, working on plant identification in the front and back yard, and we've even got some field trips planned to get the kids thinking about nature, the outdoors, and the whole world around them.

They're both reading every day. Laura has chosen to spend more time reading "Woodland Tales" by Ernest Thompson Seton and that feeds our discussion while we're outdoors.

She recently read an entry on White Man's Foot which she quickly identified as the broadleaf plantain we use on insect bites and stings.

When the days are as nice as they've been (despite the sometimes severe weather) I'm finding it hard to sit inside and write. By the time evening rolls around I'm so exhausted that I barely have the energy to brush my teeth before falling into bed.

I've still got some trips planned for this summer both near and far.

This early morning writing may be the best choice (maybe the only choice) if the summer continues at this pace.

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