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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bushcraft and Survival DVD Volume 6

I've been watching Volume 6 of Peter Gawleta's Bushcraft and Survival DVDs quite a bit lately.

He begins the video with an introduction and then jumps right into cooking mussels on the beach. He uses a traditional French technique involving a plank, pine needles, and some wonderfully fresh looking mussels. Frankly, I wish I was there to enjoy some of them.

Peter and Ollie travel light and fast with minimal gear packed into what looks like a German Army surplus rucksack. He goes through his entire load before heading up into the mountains and goes into detail on a few key pieces of kit.

Hobo Cooker
He's made a hobo cooker out of an old biscuit tin and goes through some of the construction details before firing it up for a streamside cup of rose hip tea. Meanwhile, good old Ollie goes about collecting his share of the firewood.

This chapter also includes some information on filtering water.

Up in the Mountains
Peter and Ollie hike up, and up, and up until they get to their campsite where Peter begins to dig a small fire pit using his hiking stick. The small fire he builds in the pit will be used later (in the form of coals) to warm him during the night.

The use of the Millbank bag is also discussed here. He also gives you some valuable advice about a real survival situation when he can't find any fish or crawfish in the streams. He says, "sometimes what you get is what you get." I think that says a lot.

There is also instruction on making some bushcraft candles using a few sticks, some sphagnum moss, and some pine resin.

Hobo Fishing
Peter's survival fishing kit includes a stick, some line, and some hooks and sinkers. He's going fishing for brown trout with some earthworms. A cast into the stream using the hiking stick as a pole and we're fishin'. Pete's friend Ray shows up in time to help prepare and eat a meal of trout and Jerusalem artichokes.

Then, if roasted artichoke wasn't enough, Peter fries up some as chips in his billy can.

He shows you how to clean a brown trout to prepare it for cooking whole.

I truly enjoy these videos. They're entertaining, informative, and well filmed and edited. There are a bunch of great bushcraft/survival tips throughout the DVD. At just under an hour for Volume 6 I think they're really a good value and look forward to future editions of Basic Bushcraft & Survival and, perhaps, some Advanced editions in the future.

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At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Andy said...

For a survival-themed production, hearing about this DVD makes me extremely hungry. Will have to check it out; thanks for the review!

At 5:09 AM, Blogger The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Just caught up on your last few pages of posts, you're on fire mate! The blogs better than ever.
Your pal


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