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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dark Hunter: Part II

Back in August I wrote this post about the Robert Dark Hunter I had received.

Now that I've had an ample opportunity to use this knife I can say that I'm very happy with the purchase. The knife maintains a heck of an edge for a long time and today was the first time I had to touch it up in all that time.

You can see that the knife takes a nice patina and this one looks quite a bit more "experienced" than it did back in August.

The blade tapers nicely from guard to tip and that makes a light knife that is quick in the hand and yet sturdy enough to handle the toughest jobs I throw at it.

Robert has posted some "Worker Bee" knives over at Bladeforums in the past and I was sorely tempted to add another Dark Knife to my collection as they're quite a value for such a hard-working knife. He's got a gallery posted on his website here:
Dark Knives

Give him a look.

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At 12:53 PM, Anonymous George Hedgepeth said...

That is quite a nice looking tool!


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