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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Heat Wave!

It's been darned hot. We've been in the upper 80s for more than a week and, frankly, it's getting a little old.

The Weather Channel predicts thunderstorms for "tomorrow" and have done so for a week now. Once the rain comes the temperatures are going to break hard. We're talking a change of daytime highs near 90 to daytime highs right around 50.

This morning was spent riding bikes with Laura, heading over to Mary's to drop off her tent and to see the kitties, and then the remainder of the day was spent playing with the hammock/tarp setup and I got a fire going with my firesteel and a small pile of nice dry leaves.

Yeah, it was 90 degrees and I built a fire...

It was great to burn off some of the scrub that's been clogging up the back yard all summer and to take care of the blowdown from a big wind storm that blew through here about 10 days ago. The smoke also drove the mosquitoes crazy and it was nice to finally spend some time down by the river and not have to worry about West Nile.

I'd say this day turned out alright after all...

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