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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Katadyn MicroPur MP-1 Tablets

For less than $15 you can get a package of 30 MP-1 tablets capable of treating up to 30L of questionable water. That works out to slightly more than a gallon per day for a week.

It couldn't be easier to treat water either. Strain out grass and bugs with a handkerchief, drop in one of the tablets, and wait. Within 15 minutes it destroys bacteria, 30 minutes to destroy Giardia, and 4 hours to kill off Cryptosporidium.

The smell of chlorine (think bleach) is heavy immediately after application but fades to nothing after 4 hours. This is quite an improvement over good old Iodine.

My new method is to carry two bottles--one for purification and one for drinking. That seems to make the 4-hour wait time easier to handle. I suppose I could get one of the big MSR hydration bladders and treat the water overnight too...

These tablets have a 10 year shelf life and, for the money, are going to be hard to beat for simplicity, reliability, and compactness.

Give them a look.

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