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Friday, June 01, 2007

What worked & what didn't

I didn't make it the whole night. The hammock was tied using some unproven knots and, throughout the night, the head end slid groundward while the foot end remained firmly attached to the tree. That meant that every move from side to back to other side resulted in my head getting lower and my feet getting higher until I must have been ready to rest my head right in the dirt.

Two things learned last night however included that night vision does dramatically improve after about 20 minutes and those noises in the dark do have a natural rhythm to them and represent nothing more than the trees moving, resting, settling, or doing whatever it may be that trees do in the middle of the night.

I had no visiting raccoons or coyotes but plenty of mossies and cicadas made their way in between my tarp and my bugnet. Thank goodness none of them made it through the netting.

  • Blue foam ground pad
  • tarp
  • headlamp

  • Knots as tied

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At 1:28 PM, Anonymous nobby said...

Enjoying your experiences.
I tried a hammock in the garden tied between a post and a tree. The post pulled out of the ground and dropped my head on the floor. My knots held though :0)

At 1:43 PM, Blogger American Bushman said...


My first knot-tying experience left me laying on the ground after both ends untied. I had somehow managed to simply wad up the webbing rather than make any sort of hitch.

I have since learned several ways to hang a hammock and may now be just a bit paralyzed by the array of possibilities. That's why the Slap Straps work so well--they take out all the thinking.

Thanks for your comment.



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