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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Streamlining Gear

Having something specific to plan for makes it a bit easier when it comes time for final gear selection.

Right now I'm working out the kinks in my shelter component and have found myself switching from the hammock/tarp combo I've used for years to one that is as yet unproven but seems to better fit my needs. A good idea? I won't know until after the trip(s).

The basic gear I carry in my pockets changes on a regular basis still as well. I'll add a K&M Match Case and then remove the compass I normally carry. I change my firesteel from a Scout to the smaller Boy Scout Hotspark to the much larger Army to the even larger Big Flint.

For now, the items in the picture comprise what I feel I'd like to have on my person for an extended trip into the woods. Here's a breakdown of the contents:
  • Bark River Bravo-1 in a custom JRE Industries leather rig
  • Light My Fire oak handled Army Firesteel with the handle reshaped and refinished with mineral oil
  • Light My Fire spork
  • Blaze Orange K&M match case filled with approximately 25 strike anywhere matches
  • Windmill butane lighter
  • Great Eastern Cutlery Model 73 Trapper
  • Mini prybar from County Comm
  • 100 feet of paracord (bagged to keep it clean and dry)
  • Viking Whetstone from Ragweed Forge

Everything except the knife fits snugly inside a rock climber's chalk bag which I can either clip onto my belt with a carabiner or carry baldric style with just a loop of paracord.

This will adequately cover most of my needs if I get separated from my pack while out scouting the area around the campsite and I'm comfortable being away from my pack with this gear as it puts me far ahead of where I'd be without it.

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At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the mini prybar for? Looks like it might be usefull, sometimes, but what for?

At 9:02 AM, Blogger American Bushman said...

Hey Mike,

I use it for digging out roots mostly.

I can also use it to pull out the nails I pound in to keep my sharpening stone still.

It weighs far less than a digging stick, takes up almost no room, and will be far tougher in the long run than any "wild" alternative I could come up with.

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