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Friday, June 29, 2007

Another one from ML Knives

I've done it again. I just picked up the Fallkniven F1 and, before it even arrives, I find a knife on Matt's site that I just had to have. I even sent out an email pleading for someone else to pick it up before the urge became too strong. Nobody helped me out.

I'm a real sucker for pieces that look old but this one actually uses an antique file for the blade. The deer leg bone is also aged quite a bit judging by the color. This is a knife with history.

(From ML Knives website)

A Great Full Tang Woods Knife .Great for many uses...
... Forged from a antique file, original pattern left on upper portion on blade...
Blade is about 1” inches wide at widest point....
Tang is a tad thicker than 1/8 thick after handle tapering to tip..
Very nice antiqued Deer leg bone handle with tight stitched rawhide wrapped ferule... with 3 solid copper pins. (2 Copper Pins under custom leather wrap)
Handstitched Sheath Will fit a belt up to 3” inches wide. ,
Total Knife Size about: 10 1/4” Handle about : 4 5/8” Blade about : 5 1/2” Very sharp.

I talked with Matt at length last night about varied topics until both of our phones were nearly out of battery power.

I should have this one in hand sometime next week and will take more pictures and give you my initial impressions.

Did I mention that I already had my next ML Knife on order?!

Thanks for reading,



At 1:45 AM, Anonymous mike t said...

that is a beauty brian... i really like his rustic looking knives...

i recently oredered another knife from matt too... that will be #4 for me... not to mention the (3)antler carved pendants i've gotten from him.....

looking forward to seeing some more pics of this guy...

it's pretty wild, we have very similar taste in knives... i also have a F1.. it is an awesome field knife... i had eric over at on-scene, make me a nice kydex sheath with a firesteel loop...

take it easy... if you're ever in ca..

mtnfolk-- mike t

At 7:43 AM, Blogger American Bushman said...

Hey Mike,

Thanks for stopping in.

Antler carved pendants huh? I knew he was making C-strikers for flint and steel firemaking but had no idea he was doing other non-knife stuff. I'll have to give him another call to get some more information on those.

The F1 is quite a departure from the stuff Matt's making isn't it? One with deer leg bone for the handle and one with thermorun (plastic.) One with a nice rough "old style" blade finish and the other highly polished. Both look very useful and I suspect both will cut too.

One of these days I'm going to take you up on your offer Mike. I'll come out there and you can teach me about primitive archery.

Thanks again,



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