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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vintage Knives Moose Update

A while back I wrote this post about the Vintage Knives Moose pattern slipjoint. I mentioned to Spen the other night that I'd been playing around with this knife again and he pulled his out of his pocket. It appears that the slipjoint bug never really goes away.

This knife has gotten easier to open without losing the "walk and talk" it had fresh out of the box. The blades still look great with some mild patina--something I try to get on my knives.

The badge has quite a bit of wear from carrying in the same pocket as my keys. The bolsters, however, still look great. I put a drop or two of Tuf Glide into the pivots once a month and suspect that has had something to do with the smoothing of the action.

The blades have both been convexed using sandpaper over a mouse pad. I started with something like 320-grit and worked up to 600, 800, 1200, 2000, 2500, and then green chromium oxide and, finally, the black stropping compound from Hand American. Other than the occasional touchup to the strop, the blades have not needed any edge work.

Pup is also the guy that convinced Bob Dozier to remake a custom he and I worked on a couple of years ago combining his Pro Guide handle with the Master Skinner point.

There's also the Delta Traveller (DT,) a variation on Bob's Arkansas Traveller pattern, seen here. The DT is a Vintage Knives exclusive and Pup has offered them in a variety of interesting handle materials including green canvas micarta, the gold micarta seen above on the Pro Guide, the brown micarta seen on my DT, black canvas micarta, and a variety of bone and antler handles.

I've always had good luck dealing with Pup and he's great for a conversation any old time. If you're in the market for these knives or knives like them I'd encourage you to drop him a line or give him a call.

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