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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Up Camelback Mountain 1

Camelback Mountain looms over the back of the Phoenician Hotel and beckons me...

I love the challenge a mountain offers and will, if able, attempt to climb and summit. Two years ago at PWYP in North Carolina I climbed Chestnut Mountain just to get to the highest point on the property for a couple of scenic photos. Chestnut and Camelback are, as mountains go, relatively small--the perfect target for a flatlander.

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The temperatures in Phoenix are right around 85 degrees and, as I mentioned previously, the air is DRY. I've got this cold lingering and I probably didn't get enough sleep. Oh yeah, I did heavy leg work in the gym yesterday...great timing.

Oh well, I'm going.

See you in a bit,



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