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Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Report

Whoah! For those of you who haven't yet read it, go to Pablo's Blog and read his extreme testing of the NRA Survival Kit. Not only did he immerse the kit in water for days to test the waterproofness but he then immersed his own hands in that icy water to attempt to better replicate a survival situation. Hard Core!

I got to spend a little time outdoors this weekend but it was, unfortunately, only to remove snow from the driveway. This isn't the white fluffy stuff most people think of when they think snow. This was the wet heavy fort-building snow that comes up in sheets and weighs a TON! Today I'm a little sore from all the shovelling.

I also spent my weekend cleaning out the house and getting rid of unnecessary clothes and gear. I had NO IDEA just how much stuff I was storing in bins that I had no intention of moving later this year when the new house is finished. I filled five 33 gallon trashcans in about an hour. I have an overflow of bags FULL of old used cordage, old medicine from the first aid kits, fatwood shavings, and other miscellaneous junk that I could either replace or recreate at any time.

I managed to swing out to see the boys at JRE Industries to drop off a few things and I had a look at some of the new knives coming out of Escanaba. I came home with two Swedish Army Trangias and two new knives. It looks like BRK&T is doing the PSK Knife (see Pablo's blog above) in a variety of handle materials. Most exciting, to me, is the Nebula. This is the newest entry into Bark River Knife & Tool's Bushcraft line. JRE has got some great pictures of various handle options here. Notice the half-height grind on this one. It looks like a Scandi from the side but looks convex when looking down the blade. I can't wait to get it out and use it.

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