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Monday, November 20, 2006

Roasted Sweet Corn

The Soy Nut Butter Company make a product called I.M. Healthy Roasted Sweet Corn in both lightly salted and chili lime flavors. This product is about as close to commercially available parched corn as you are going to get.

Since first finding this product on the grocery store shelves about 8 months ago I've gone through two cases plus several individual cans of the stuff. Yeah, it's tasty.

Imagine corn chip flavor without all the corn chip oil. The indians, mountain men, and explorers of the 1800s could live on this stuff for weeks at a time. Take a handful of parched corn and follow it with a drink of water. The corn soaks up the water and expands in your stomach giving you a feeling of fullness. It's also full of vitamins and, supplemented with caught game and foraged plants, can be an effective diet for quite some time.

I actually carry a muslin bag of this roasted sweet corn, another bag of jerky, and a third bag of muscovado sugar inside the Swedish Army Trangia and feel well prepared should my day hike turn into an unplanned overnight (or longer.)

So, period correct for reenactors, nutrient rich, shelf stable for long periods, tasty, easy to carry, and inexpensive--that's about all I need to say about this product. I would advise you to give it a try but it isn't easy to find. You can check the website linked above and give them a call. Go ahead and order up a case. They'll mix and match the flavors if you'd like to try both kinds.

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