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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I know that making sheaths isn't exactly rocket science but I am thoroughly convinced that making sheaths well is much more difficult that it may at first seem.

I had the pleasure of visiting JRE Industries the other night while the guys were working on a couple of custom sheaths and finishing up a short production run of Mini Canadian pocket and belt sheaths (similar design, different details.) They've really dialed in the process and are turning out some amazingly well-constructed pieces that rival many of the custom-only makers I've seen. To do that 250-750+ times in a production run is mind-boggling.

The edges on the two custom pieces were like patent leather. They've got the tension on the stitcher set just right so there are no impressions on the sides of the stitches from the foot of the machine. The stitches themselves are evenly spaced, straight, and clean. The custom pieces were both done in black leather and they assembled them with black thread (a detail I've seen overlooked before.)

They've worked with me in the past to design and execute a custom project that I've been extremely pleased with and I wouldn't hesitate to ask them to work with me on the next one. As a matter of fact, if either of them are reading this, I'll be calling later today.

If you've been thinking about adding some custom leather to your favorite knife you should check them out. The quality is up there with the best sheaths I've seen and the price makes them an outstanding value.

Tell them the American Bushman sent you...

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