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Friday, July 21, 2006

What is "Essential Gear?"

We often read about the need to carry "essential gear" with us at all times in case we find ourselves in a survival situation. This "essential gear" needs to be kept fairly basic in order to make the load light enough to carry regularly. What makes our personal list of "essential gear" shorter? Skill.

One person's list of essentials might include Mountain House freeze dried food, a tent, flashlight, matches and lighter, emergency radio, sleeping bag, ground pad, etc. while another's (mine for example) a simple metal container, a firesteel, and a knife.

Sure, some of those other things would greatly increase my comfort while in the woods but, in my opinion, are not essential for my survival.

The idea of using the volume of a billy can as the limit to what gear I bring raises some interesting ideas. If I've got my knife and firesteel on my belt and the billy is my metal container then anything I put inside the billy increases my comfort while also adding to my experience in the woods.

Do I fill it with food? Signalling equipment? Firestarting gear? My Hilleberg tarp? Cordage?

The options are only limited by the inside diameter of the billy.

Your ideas are welcome. Let me know what YOU would put into the billy can to make your life a little easier.

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At 7:03 AM, Blogger Pablo said...

Hi. Thanks for your comments on my blog. As for the billy, you're right of course about more skill less kit. It also depends on the location of your excursion and how long you're going for.

I'd put in some de-hydrated food as essential as I'm not good at hunting and foraging yet. I'd also try to squeeze in a lightweight tarp or poncho.




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