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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Baldric in progress

I'm working on tying a baldric rig for my BRK&T Gameskeeper using parachute cord (also known as paracord.) It's going slowly and my hands are suffering a bit. I've finally taken off the first layer of skin along the side of my right ring finger and had to cover up the raw layer with some tape.

This project is also complicated by the hand injury I sustained last October. I ruptured (severed) two contractor tendons in my right pinky and then, shortly after surgery, I tore the ligaments that stabilise the pinky. These injuries caused swelling, bruising, and eventually a joint contracture--basically an inability to straighten my pinky. On top of all that, the scar tissue has cost me the movement in the tip of the pinky. On top of all that, the strength and dexterity in my right hand has decreased significantly. I'd wager it was at about half of pre-October levels.

This means that tying a baldric that will eventually be some 40" long is really pushing my limits.

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